Glammfire products

Why our products?

Real fire, but without smoke

Issues warmth, just like an ordinary fireplace

No chimney, no sweeping


Bioethanol is 100% natural

Unique design


Bioethanol or simply "ethanol", as fuel for the operation of fireplaces, is produced through the fermentation of products of vegetal origin like sugar cane, potatoes, sugar beet and cereals, among others. It is considered a renewable energy source, 100% green, which respects the environment and does not contribute to global warming. Hence the name "bio" ethanol. From the combustion of bioethanol are released carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). These are the same products produced by our breathing, they are harmless substances. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why bioethanol fireplaces are considered as clean and innovative products.

Bioethanol jerrycan

Follow our instructions strictly to ensure:

  • Proper installation of the fireplace
  • Good ventilation of the space
  • The use of fuel recommended

As usually bioethanol fireplaces require no chimney or pipes, most of heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol stays on the room- efficiency of bioethanol.

Order bioethanol

Order terms:

  • Bioethanol order unit: 5L canister
  • 5L canister price is 17.50€ - VAT included
  • When you order 20L or more, delivery is free of charge in Tallinn
  • When you order less than 20L, the delivery fee in Tallinn is 5€
  • Deliveries are made weekly on Tuesdays 10:00 - 19:00